The Regina Intersectoral Partnership, or TRiP is a three-component, collaborative initiative to improve community safety by focusing on vulnerable children and their families. TRiP identifies situation of risk and immediately mobilizes interventions to prevent crisis or harm. Basically, it’s identifying kids and families who are at risk and, with their consent and cooperation, getting them connected with people and services that can help them. TRiP has three components. It started with the Eleven and Under Initiative; it grew to include a Twelve and Up initiative and will soon include a Hub. This all comes out of the Province’s 2011 document, “Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime”. It’s something we do well here in Regina and the people gathered here, along with the agencies and Ministries they represent, bring their own specialized skills and experience to this work. And it’s paying dividends: in 2015-2016, TRiP had 150 new referrals, 109 active files and 95% of their clients were involved in at least one program or pro-social activity over the summer. Investing in our community’s children is always worthwhile.