On December 6, 2015, Constables Kosolofski and Lerat were conducting a traffic stop, in the 3200 block of 6th Avenue, when they heard raised voices and then yelling and screaming nearby. They saw a male lunge into the open passenger side window of a vehicle, with his arms flailing. When the officer ran toward the vehicle and challenged the male, he turned with a hunting knife in his hand. The suspect then threw the knife and started running. Constable Kosolofski gave chase and got the suspect under control, in spite of his violent resistance. Then Constables Lerat and Kosolofski turned their attention to the victim in the car, who’d been stabbed. They were joined by Constables Black and Simons, first applying pressure to the wounds and then using a restraint strap as a tourniquet. EMS transported the victim to hospital for treatment of more than 20 stab wounds. The attending physician noted that the application of the tourniquet had likely saved the victim’s life.