Our Police Service does block training and re-certification for our officers every year. Basically, we put together a week’s worth of training and then keep repeating that week, until we cycle all of our officers through it. It takes us almost five months, but it’s been the most effective way to ensure everyone is up-to-date in their skills and knowledge. Back in 2014, Constable Chad Martinson got all the pieces in place to offer Tourniquet training as part of our annual Block Training. He devised the training based on his experience in the Canadian Armed Forces and his research of other police services’ use of this life-saving skill and equipment. Constable Martinson is described as passionate and diligent in providing the latest material for training. He has conducted re-certifications with our trainers to ensure proper delivery of the training. We know, from researching this award, that it’s a technique used more and more by our officers to buy those precious seconds for victims who’ve suffered potentially deadly extremity wounds. Constable Chad Martinson’s work in developing and refreshing this training for all our officers is above and beyond your regular duties and constitutes an exceptional contribution to the Regina Police Service.