The groundwork for this award started in late 2014 when Superintendent Corey Zaharuk got Executive approval to implement a plan he’d been working on: the Central District Crime Reduction Strategy. The goal of the strategy was to use our data more effectively to decide where police resources should be deployed and then measure the results closely to see if the approach was working. Superintendent Zaharuk engaged our Strategic Services section: Corporal Jacy Windjack, Ms. Amy Balfour and Ms. Danielle Fornwald, as well as Corporal Sheri Wild to help devise a method to analyse our data and capture the work done by our officers. This group worked closely with members of our Information Technology unit: Ms. Shan Hua and Ms. Sharon Wang. Together, they devised a comprehensive dashboard and then the strategy was placed in the hands of Inspector Sheree Ortman, and Sergeants Todd Gall and Bryant Westerman to make it operational. A big part of the work was managing and motivating change from reactive to more proactive policing. The early results of the strategy showed some impressive numbers with reductions in calls for service dealing with individuals and identified addresses that previously had had a large number of calls for service. The Central District Crime Reduction Strategy is now in the capable hands of Inspector Lorilee Davies and continues to show dividends and strengthen relationships within Regina’s Central District.