What is domestic conflict (DC)?

“Domestic Conflict (DC)” can occur between persons in different types of relationships and refers to the use of physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional force or power, threatened or actual, against persons in a number of different types of relationships including family members, cohabitants and current or former married, commonlaw or intimate partners, that results in harm.

What is interpersonal violence (IV)?

“Interpersonal Violence” refers to threatened or actual behaviours experienced between family members, cohabitants and current or former married, common-law or intimate partners that result in harm.

What is intimate partner violence (IPV)?

“Intimate Partner Violence” refers to a form of domestic conflict in which behaviour by an intimate partner or ex-partner results in physical, sexual, or psychological harm, including physical aggression, sexual coercion, psychological abuse, and controlling behaviours. This may include a single act of violence, or repeated acts/behaviours forming a pattern.

What are some different types of violence and abuse?

  • physical abuse;
  • emotional abuse;
  • threats of harm to you or your children, family members, pets, or property;
  • sexual abuse;
  • spiritual/cultural abuse;
  • financial abuse;
  • stalking (criminal harassment);
  • strangulation;
  • neglect.


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